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In short cicuit oval racing there is a "handicap" grading system for drivers.
The more experienced drivers can start up to a lap behind the begginers in order to make it more of a challenge to win races.
Below I have explained how the grading system will work at HOT Racers.


How the grading system works


1) There are three grading periods in the club championship, and these are shown clearly on the club championship points table. At each grading period the roof grades will be re-calculated.


2) The driver at the top of the points championship at each grading period will earn the Superstar grade. If the top driver in the points championship has a championship roof grade (Best in Britain, World, Club champion Silver, European, British etc) then the Superstar grade will get passed to the next “non-championship” graded driver.


3) Drivers must score points in 3 meetings before being entered into the roof grading calculation. This helps us get a better average score for the driver. If a driver has scored points in less than 3 meetings, this driver will keep their current roof grade at the grading period.

Championship graded drivers Will keep their championship grade until the championship is run again. (Bib, world, Club silver, euro, British etc)

The remaining drivers in the points table will be split into 3 equal groups based on their “ability” score (points average). The top third Red, middle third Blue and the lower third Yellow. In the event of the number of drivers not being divisible by 3 the lower grades will get the extra spot. EG – 10 drivers split into 3 groups would be 4 Yellow, 3 Blue and 3 Red.


4) White roof grade is strictly for Novices only.


5) The Club champion and Junior club champion will hold onto their grade for the complete following year, Round 1 to Round 20. Superstars, Red, Blue, Yellow and White grades, will hold their grade until the next grading period.


6) If anyone is starting an additional formula, then they must speak to the “Points and roof grade” official about what grade to race with.




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