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This is where you can see the past champions from our club! Winning a championship is much more than being presented with a trophy! Being a champion is all about receiving recognition and being "known" as the champion. 

Club Champions
YearHotrodsClassic Hotrods1300 StockcarsSaloonstoxMinistoxBangersF1 Stockcars
2019Harry WeymouthHarry WeymouthStuart MorganBen Denyer---
2018Keith SmithIan WardRob KerrKane Farrant---
2017Keith SmithIan WardMorgan WilliamsMartin WattsKeith Muskett--
2016Martin Watts-Kieran OsborneMartin WattsKeith Muskett--
2015Dave Jones-Bob MasseyTom MasseyKeith Muskett--
2014Keith Smith-Ian WardTom MasseyMartin Watts--
2013Keith Smith-Melvyn YeoMartin WattsMark OsborneAaron ThorntonMark Osborne
2012Keith Smith-Peter WickensBen MuskettMartin WattsPaul SansomScott Hook
2011Keith Smith-Steve NichollsBen DenyerDave JonesStuart WatsonMark Osborne
2010John Couzens-Steve NichollsLance DenyerDave JonesNigel VineIan Ward
2009Neil Genders-Kevin WilsonTom MasseyGlen WardIan WardIan Ward
2008John Couzens-Kevin WilsonSimond SimmonsDave JonesMelvyn YeoIan Ward
2007Stephen Hutchings-Daren WoodStephen HutchingsTony NichollStephen HutchingsStephen Hutchings
2006Stephen Hutchings-Daren WoodStephen HutchingsStephen HutchingsStephen Hutchings-
2005Stephen Hutchings-Daren WoodJonathon KitchersideDavid HarrisStephen Hutchings-
2004Stephen Hutchings--Jonathon KitchersideDavid Harris--
2003Steven Westbrook--David HarrisDavid Harris--
2002Daren Wood--David HarrisDavid Harris--
2001Steven Westbrook--David HarrisDavid Harris--
2000Steven Westbrook--David HarrisDavid Harris--
1999Steven Westbrook--Robert DriverJustin Harris--
1998Steven Kelly--Robert DriverOliver Owen--
1997Andrew Henderson--Daren Wood---
Junior Club Champions
YearHotrodsClassic Hotrods1300 StockcarsSaloonstoxMinistoxBangersF1 Stockcars
2019Harry WeymouthHarry WeymouthTodd WilliamsTodd Williams---
2018-Todd WilliamsTodd WilliamsMax Flynn---
2017Brandon WildigBrandon WildigTodd WilliamsTom Barrett---
2016--Kieran OsborneKieran Osborne---
2015--Paul WashingtonLiam SayersCallum Bergmann--
2014Dexter Bergmann-Alfie PotterKieran OsborneLiam Sayers--
2013Sam Mitchell-Peter WickensKieran OsborneBrad RoweKieran OsborneKieran Osborne
2012Sam Mitchell-Peter WickensJohn WestwoodSam MitchellJohn WestwoodKieran Osborne
2011Tom Beckett-Peter WickensPeter WickensSam MitchellKieran OsborneKieran Osborne
2010Jamie Couzens-Peter WickensPeter WickensBen MuskettRoss Hoather-
2009Jamie Couzens-Peter Wickens-Ben MitchellRoss Hoather-
2008Phillip Potter-Jamie CouzensBen DenyerJoe SmithNathan YeoBilly Mullin
2007Ben Denyer-Jake NicolsTom MasseyPeter BridgesGrant Packham-
2006Alan Whibley-Benjamin HaywardTom MasseyPeter BridgesGrant Wenban-
2005Ben Denyer-Benjamin HaywardJames MackieAlex BatemanJames Mackie-
2004Ben Denyer--Lee BrownMatthew Harris--
2003Nicola Wood--Matthew HarrisPeter Burford--
2002Matthew Harris--John RyanDavid Preston--
2001Matthew Harris--John RyanCraig Foord--
Best In Britain Champions
YearHotrodsClassic Hotrods1300 StockcarsSaloonstoxMinistoxBangers
2020Keith SmithHarry WeymouthKeith SmithMartin Watts--
2019Chris BookerHarry WeymouthCaine SilkMartin Watts--
2018Shaun TaylorBrandon WildigDan SmithJames Stamp--
2017Keith SmithShaun TaylorShaun TaylorAlan JonesKeith Muskett-
2015Shaun Taylor-Graham DouglassMartin WattsBen Muskett-
2014Keith Smith--Tom MasseyMartin WattsRobert Beswick
2012Keith Smith--Ben DenyerMark OsborneDarren Potter
2011Keith Smith--Tom MasseyDale GoodchildChris Randell
2010Darren Potter--Simon CleaverDarren PotterSimon Cleaver

Martin Morris 00 Junior Cup
YearHotrodsClassic Hotrods1300 StockcarsSaloonstox
2019Harry WeymouthOwen PotterTodd WilliamsHarry Weymouth
2018-Harry FlynnOwen PotterHayden Taylor
Solent Raceway Outlaw World Champions
YearHotrodsClassic Hotrods1300 StockcarsSaloonstoxF2 Stockcars
2019Dexter BergmannKeaton DaviesMacauley JohnseyMartin Watts-
2018Shaun Taylor-James StampTom Massey-
2017Dexter Bergmann-Keith SmithJames StampDan Stamp
2016Dexter Bergmann-Keith SmithMartin Watts-
European Champions
YearHotrodsClassic Hotrods1300 StockcarsSaloonstox
2019James StampAaron MatthewsDaniel StampSimon Cleaver
European Junior Champions
YearHotrodsClassic Hotrods1300 StockcarsSaloonstox
2019-Alfie PotterOwen PotterHarry Weymouth




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Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3