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HOT Racers Wreckfest league on XBOX ONE.
All bookings will be taken on HOT's facebook page.


- Correct Direction of travel at all times.
- Full contact allowed but no pinning/trapping another car.
- Assists and car setup completly open
- Car mods, Armour and vanity items completely open.
- In the event of a Loan car meeting, the mods, armour and vanity items will be locked but you may change the paint.
- This is a solo event, No team colours
- No Special vehicles
- Damage will be set on Normal 
- Each race you will score 1 - 16 points (1 = 1st). At the end of the race meeting drivers will be ordered with lowest points at the top. If anyone is tied on points, your lowest single points score will break the tie, if there is still a tie the next best points score will break the tie and so on. Championship points will then be awarded from 20 down to 5 points.
- Each meeting will have 6 races. These will be held across two tracks.  We will tend to race the short layouts of each track which will for the most part be 6 laps. If a longer layout or a very short layout is used, we will add or remove from the 6 laps to keep races around the 4 minute mark. Each race meeting should take about 1 Hour.
- Starting grids are random


- - - SEASON 2 START - - -

Round 1
Drytown Desert Circuit MAIN - 3 Races of 6 laps
Big Valley Speedway INNER OVAL - 3 Races of 15 laps
Sat 23rd May XBOX - Fullsize and Wagon (unlimited)

Round 2
Hilltop Stadium FIG8 - 3 Races of 8 Laps
Maasten Motocenter MAIN - 3 Races of 6 Laps
Sat 30th May XBOX - Hammerhead Loan car (can change colour)

Round 3 - Jokkis Meeting - Limited contact
Vale Falls Circuit SHORT - 3 Races of 6 Laps
Vale Falls Circuit MAIN - 3 Races of 6 Laps
Sat 6th June XBOX - European Cars only (max C164)

Round 4
Tribend Speedway WILD - 3 Races of 8 Laps
Rosenheim Raceway REVERSE - 3 Races of 6 Laps
Sat 13th June XBOX - Front Wheel Drive cars only (max B234)

Round 5
Northfolk Ring OPEN - 3 Races of 6 Laps
Bonebreaker Valley - 3 Races of 6 Laps
Sat 20th June XBOX - Rammer Loan car (can change colour)

Round 6
Savlox Sandpit SHORT - 3 Races of 6 Laps
Boulder Bank Circuit SHORT - 3 Races of 4 Laps
Sat 27th June XBOX - Any car (unlimited)

Round 7
Midwest Motocenter REVERSE - 3 Races of 6 Laps
Sandstone Raceway SHORT REVERSE - 3 Races of 6 Laps
Sat 4th July XBOX - Killer Bee Loan car (can change colour)

Round 8 - Saloonstox Meeting - Nudge and Spin
Kingston Raceway ASPHALT OVAL - 6 Races of 15 Laps
Sat 11th July XBOX - Starbeast car with Stockcar bumpers (max A289)

SEASON 2Best 5 Rounds to count
Xbox HOTfest
1Tom MasseyTeamtom1409918.82020201820181519
2Max FlynnMaaxiimuss9116.11117191519191217
3Ben Denyerboyofben1498215.3150181712141318
4Ashley AndersonXsmasher958014.31413111617122011
5Martin WattsBettyswolocks7613.717140111815912
6Ella ShirleyXxSmellaxX57797213.51211141315131614
7Sammie AndersonSammieox06937011.64107101620140
8Craig HookNippy5236913.8181517090010
9Todd WilliamsF4TBOY7866516.3131902000013
10Morgan WilliamsMORG1086115.3161601400015
11Grant PackhamPACKMAN5645418.001801901700
12Camron O'KeefeCamronOkeefe2765016.719013000180
13Matt ShirleyIdle770speed479.40012810089
14Harry FlynnRusticGamer59458.08587111106
15James StampS14MPJ4314.30015008020
16Rob KerrBoss302cat427.8006914765
17Andrew KerrLightning10X428.4995013600
18Bernie Hookberniehoo428.41060080117
19Daniel StampD4nStamp3612.000100010016
20Jake SheldonExposedFatboy3010.0701600070
21Richard YoungitsSeriousRich2512.5000000178
22Jen GarretJenG221919.0000000190
23Joe BridleUmBongo 9161616.0000001600
24Shaun Taylorshaunshow27157.560900000
25Louis SelbyLOUSELBY69691212.0012000000
26Darren SayersBadFuzzyskunk1212.0000120000
27Jake FlynnFlynnie5321126.057000000
28Craig Mahercraigmaher19841010.0000000100
29Peter HodderHODDER 13599.000000900
30Warren SelbyWoZZaSelbY9988.008000000
31Daisy Chaterdaisydoo9555.000000500

SEASON 1Best 5 Rounds to count
Xbox HOTfest
1Tom MasseyTeamtom14053397.685112110821121029781
2Todd WilliamsF4TBOY78649890.6113103100838953093
3Ben Denyerboyofben14949491.4946810085939711084
4Max FlynnMaaxiimuss45385.58695938693758373
5Craig HookNippy52343081.8061838973841010
6Louis SelbyLOUSELBY696941282.48094708682000
7Darren SayersBadFuzzyskunk39078.00081087717675
8Morgan WilliamsMORG10838975.7717185757880070
9Martin WattsBettyswolocks38570.18957547165906867
10Grant PackhamPACKMAN65438476.881900017087109
11Camron O'KeefeCamronOkeefe27636272.410246070700074
12Warren SelbyWoZZaSelbY9935170.24886728758000
13Shaun TaylorMaxHayden4433961.9039585572608267
14Bernie Hookberniehoo32360.7067545848547272
15Harry FlynnRusticGamer5932359.875007536883946
16Jake FlynnFlynnie532132254.964577558757570
17Andrew KerrLightning10X28953.85463564743635153
18Jake SheldonExposedFatboy27090.009283009500
19Dexter BergmannOnlyStingray43018291.00009608600
20Daniel StampD4nStamp17658.768046000062
21Ella ShirleyXxSmellaxX577917085.000000067103
22James StampS14MPJ11959.50048000071
23Ashley AndersonXsmasher958888.0000000880
24Ben MuskettXxmuskettxX7135.52600004500
25Sammie AndersonSammieox06936868.0000000680
26Matt ShirleyIdle770speed5454.0000000540
27Alfie PotterOBOALF RACING4949.0490000000
28Noah BaileyChoke64991515.0150000000





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